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"From so many negatives this film gives such a powerfully strong message about a positive Bangladesh."

- Sara Zaker, actress and ad firm executive


"The film does make a huge impact."

- Aly Zaker, actor and ad firm executive


"It acts as a mirror to our present culture while giving us hope for a better future and urging us to play a role."

- Shumon Jahan, Web and Digital Media Specialist, Dhaka


"Hadn’t cried in a long time - my heart, today three days after having watched Deshantori, still freezes when that scene [from Deshantori] resurfaces on my mind."

- Annu, French-Bengali, London


"It is about as powerful a statement as you are likely to see on the state of contemporary Bangladesh - as the trailer promises, it will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you think, and it will leave you moved and inspired."

- Zubaer Mahboob, London


"The journey of the desperate migrants embodies the struggles of an entire population."

- Nafis, London


"Normally the documentaries that I watch seem like documentaries but this one felt more like a movie."

- University teacher, Dhaka


"It felt like the movie charged me up."

- University student, Dhaka


"I am going to start a Deshantori fan club."

- Expatriate Bangladeshi in the US


"I recommend one of my recent favorite movies ’Deshantori’ by Mridul Chowdhury and Sujan Mahmud... (more)"

- Shahnaz Yousuf, Adhunika US