Migration is a natural phenomenon, but in Bangladesh, this seems to have turned into a desperate and sometimes reckless effort by tens of thousands of young people from almost all socio-economic backgrounds. Why is taking on risky and sometimes life threatening attempts to migrate becoming an acceptable option for a large segment of the youth? In an effort to investigate the causes of this behavior, a filmmaker takes on a journey that discovers an emotional panorama ranging from the deepest frustrations of the young generation to their infallible national pride. The film serves as a mirror to society featuring interviews of Prof. Md. Zafar Iqbal and Anisul Huq, both popular youth idols in Bangladesh. The backdrop of the film is provided by reconstruction of the heart-wrenching story of 26 young Bangladeshis who set out on an illegal journey to Spain through the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea in 2005. Through unexpected twists and turns, the film takes the viewer in a journey filled with emotions of all kinds frustration, joy, anger, laughter, pain, and national pride.